5-day Instagram Reels challenge to explore creative ways to use the feature for your business

Learn Reels with me!



As a social media expert I know the value of embracing new features on a platform – but also the hesitation. I know the roll-out of Reels, Instagram’s answer to TikTok, has a lot of you thinking things like:

What? I have to learn something else?

But there’s already so much to do on Instagram

I haven’t even really got to grips with Stories and IGTV yet

Is anyone even watching Reels?

Am I too old for TikTok – and isn’t Reels the same?

Does this mean I have to do a dance routine?


To these I say: yes, I know, that’s OK, yes, no and kind of, definitely not!


It’s easy to feel overwhelmed, but I love to break down content creation to make it fun, doable and useful. I’m not a Reels expert (yet!) but I do want to get on board with it and I’d love to have you along for the ride.

Come on a journey to really GET REELS. 

Join my 5-day challenge and together we’ll explore creative ways to use the feature for your business. I’ll be learning alongside you, sharing ways to push your creativity, create on-brand content and have fun with video.

The challenge begins on Monday 12th October 2020


"I learned so many things I didn't know existed. Faye was so nice and I had the best experience. I would highly recommend Faye's training to anyone trying to grow a following or a business."

Alexis @AnotherDayAnotherCity

Why use Reels?

  • The algorithm likes it – embracing new features gives you a head start on your competitors. Instagram will prioritise your content and serve it to more new people
  • You can share a preview to your feed and to Stories so you can get your content in front of more people in more places more quickly
  • Get discovered by new people. Your Stories are more likely to be seen by your existing followers whereas Reels can reach lots of new ones
  • Your content could last as long as a couple of weeks on Reels, giving you lots more chances to be discovered by new people

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Sign up for the challenge below. Be quick as enrolment for the challenge closes on Sunday 11th October 2020. 

See you in the group soon! 

Faye x