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Looking for a way to fast forward your growth on social but also grow your online business as a whole?

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Creativity is like a muscle: the more you use it, the better it gets 

Are you a business owners bored with social media and would love to be more playful and have fun with it? I know you’re wanting to enjoy creating content again. What if you could have the roadmap to help you produce quality content that is enjoyable and well received. 

FFWD Membership is designed to help with all this PLUS, there is a strong focus on reading the data to inform what is working to build your online business.

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Some people are here for the Instagram & Facebook training.

Some members want help with ads

Some people want to know more about Canva and gain tips and tricks for more creative social posts

Some members join for the masterclasses

Some join to learn how to automate and grow their online business.

Some love the fact they get access to me on a weekly basis with the chance to pick my brains 

Some members come for the news, getting clarity on what’s going on in the world of social and how can that be leveraged for business growth

Some people own a business, some people freelance, some work in social media, some just want to create better content and learn how to plan their content.


EVERYONE is welcome!

Whatever draws you to FFwd Social, I warmly invite you to dive in with us. I’m here to support you in every way I can and I hope you find plenty to love about the group.



We exist to bring more fun to growing your business online

There are resources to help you try new things. A community to problem solve with you when you’re working out tricky concepts or to uplift you if frustration sets in. We’re here to help you understand the strategic importance of social media and to recognise the clear link between your efforts, the data (yes the data to help inform future choices) and your ongoing success of your business.


I created FFwd Social because I saw a need for a membership group with a difference. A place where I could share my knowledge and enthusiasm for all things social media & online business growth.


My vision was to create a space where you can be part of a warm, helpful community. Somewhere you can hang out as much as you want or dip in and out as you please. A go-to group to ask for help and support and ask questions about all aspects of social media and business.


Above all I wanted to create a membership that really adds value. Somewhere that the members can access to a huge library of useful, practical resources that are just what’s needed to supercharge your growth. So that’s what I did.

Join FFwd Social

Still not convinced? Is this you?

I love social media and how brilliant it is for showcasing what I do, but I wish I could get better results for less work.

Sometimes I feel like I spend too much time on creating content to grow my social media platforms organically. There must be some pro tips and tricks I am missing.

Social advertising would really help my business, but I have no idea how to do it myself, don’t have the time money or inclination to do a lengthy course and I can’t afford to hire an expert.

I want to grow my social media in a way that’s sustainable for me and that frees up some time to work on my business

Running a business is my passion but I sometimes find it lonely. I wish I could connect with other business owners to brainstorm ideas or get opinions on my content, strategy and direction.

I’d love access to expert masterclasses in all aspects of running a business from content creation to branding, PR, copywriting and organisation.

I’m a social media pro who wants some business support and creative brainstorming. A place where I can keep up with the latest trends and best practice without being overwhelmed with info.

I want the accountability.

I want to be part of a community.




Introducing FFwd Social Membership

Here’s what you get – and this is just the short version

  • Successful tactics

    The latest tactics for success on social media, digital marketing & online business growth 
  • Creative content

    Content creation tutorials to really up-level your posts
  • Instagram Templates

    Instagram design templates for the grid, Stories and IGTV
  • Facebook templates

    Facebook templates for banners, posts, header and ads
  • Masterclasses

    Always available in the vault, you can revisit Q&As with experts in subjects like branding, PR, Pinterest, videography, photography, LinkedIn, copywriting & so much more
  • Support network

    A Facebook group to brainstorm ideas, seek advice and make connections
  • Weekly group coaching

    Regular informal catch-ups, which are your chance to ask questions, troubleshoot problems, get expert answers and share successes
  • Business helpers

    Hashtag inspo, copy prompts, strategy tips, tutorials, downloadables, 365 day content ideas. 




That’s what FFwd Social offers!


What makes FFwd Social so special is all the value-added content – downloadable templates, tutorials on apps and tools, monthly strategy tips, expert input. All this alongside a warm and friendly Facebook group to offer the support of working with others. Running a business or being a freelancer can be lonely. This community will keep you connected and inspired.

Join FFwd Social

"I find the membership very useful when I have tricky questions that I can't find the answers for anywhere else. Faye is also very responsive to what the membership needs/wants and finds experts who really know their stuff. For instance, we wanted to learn more about using Pinterest for business and lo and behold, Faye rustled up an extremely informative session just for us. Plus, the monthly Instagram templates & social media news updates make it good value for money."

Michelle Chen, Social Media Manager



Join FFwd Social

I highly recommend Faye's membership. The content is incredibly useful with the added bonus of monthly masterclasses. Plus Faye answers questions promptly in the Facebook group with regular informative updates and it is always nice to have the support and advice of other members. Faye is lovely to work with and very patient with any questions!

Sally Jones


I'm Faye, an Instagram & Facebook Ad Strategist with a passion for the 'gram and for helping people get the results they want from social media marketing.

Prior to working with businesses as a Social Media expert, I worked as a Post Production Supervisor on films such as ‘Star Wars: Rogue One’ & ‘The Theory of Everything’

While those two careers don’t seem very linked, the thing that ties them together is my love of the visual. Making quality video content, having a play with apps and features to create eye-catching, exciting and engaging content and ads is my niche. I love learning new things and applying them to business. And I love to help others do that too.


I joined Faye's FFWD Social membership after doing her excellent Instagram course. Faye really does have her finger on the pulse of the latest developments for Facebook and Instagram and has a very generous, accessible approach to sharing her knowledge and expertise without creating overwhelm. I love how she is connecting best practice and practical tips on these platforms with digital marketing as a whole as well as actionable advice on mindset, business development and goal setting.

Rebecca Ostrovsky, Social Media Strategist

What do people say about Faye's training & membership?

I joined because I was feeling stale and in a rut on Insta and wanted some guidance and top tips. I also felt I knew very little about advertising which is vital nowadays. The course has been really excellent - nicely paced and everything do-able, especially with the support and advice from Faye and others in the FB Group. I now feel a lot more inspired and crucially much more confident giving advice to clients. It’s really confirmed to me that we all need to keep refreshing our skills to keep our businesses moving forwards and to keep motivated. Thanks so much Faye!

Anna Skipworth,

Faye's training has been amazing. Great content arranged in easy to understand steps to build a web presence on Insta that makes you look like you've been doing it for years. I would highly recommend.

Jo Hamilton, Social Media Manager

I learned so many things I didn't know existed. Faye was so nice and I had the best experience. I would highly recommend Faye's training to anyone trying to grow a following or a business.

Alexis, AnotherDayAnotherCity

I’m constantly amazed at the quality of resources available to FFWD members. The Instagram and Canva courses, the masterclasses, content ideas, the support from other members and the access to Faye’s knowledge is incredible value. The weekly ‘Let’s Chat’ sessions are so useful too. It’s a chance to dip in and connect with other business owners, brainstorm ideas, get the latest marketing news, troubleshoot problems you’re having or just see some friendly faces to ease the loneliness of working from home.

Emma Haines,

Join FFwd Social

This membership will also help you FFWD ALL areas of your digital marketing

What to see what value you get from the membership? Take a sneak peak inside and watch this video ⬇️


Meet some of the many experts who have also provided expert training to help you and your business....

Faye's membership is awesome she always keeps us up to date with what is trending on social media, the guest speakers are always super useful and relevant. Faye is an expert in her field I would recommend highly to join a community of friendly people who all share their own knowledge.  

Danielle Fletcher, Lively Social Media

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