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What do people say about Faye's training?

I joined Faye’s Instagram course because I was feeling stale and in a rut on Insta and wanted some guidance and top tips. I also felt I knew very little about advertising which is vital nowadays. The course has been really excellent - nicely paced and everything do-able, especially with the support and advice from Faye and others in the FB Group. I now feel a lot more inspired and crucially much more confident giving advice to clients. It’s really confirmed to me that we all need to keep refreshing our skills to keep our businesses moving forwards and to keep motivated. Thanks so much Faye!

Anna Skipworth,

When we started my main goals were to have an IG feed theme I loved, that was easy to maintain and for my followers to reach 600 by the time we finished. I just noticed my numbers and I’m happy with my feed!! So happy and thankful Faye!

Tracy Reid, Online Business & Lifestyle Coach

Faye's Instagram course has been amazing. Great content, arranged in easy to understand steps to build a web presence on Insta that makes you look like you've been doing it for years I would highly recommend the course.

Jo Hamilton, Social Media Manager

Huge congratulations on such a brilliant course. You are a real natural at coaching and the content is incredible - really clearly presented, inspirational and not overwhelming.

Rebecca O, Social Media Manager

I learned so many things I didn't know existed. Faye was so nice and I had the best experience. I would highly recommend Faye's training to anyone trying to grow a following or a business.

Alexis, AnotherDayAnotherCity


Setting up an account on Instagram and posting photos isn’t complicated, but there are so many ways you can spend your time on Insta and not see any results. If you don’t have a clear idea of who your audience is, when they are online, what content they want to see and how to help them find you, all the content you are posting is just going to waste.
Perhaps you made the commitment to start an account on Instagram but didn’t know where to begin with creating content. Do you spend hours editing images only for them to go unnoticed? Maybe you’ve downloaded some apps to help you create posts, but it took longer than you thought and gained only a few likes for your effort.

Creating your content and trying to generate engagement with the right people can suck all your time and drain your resources.

Even if you are only just starting out on Instagram or rejuvenating an unloved account, I can help you can fast forward your growth on Instagram and generate more income.

  • What and when should I post on my feed and in Stories?


How do I increase engagement?


How can I not lose hours in my day to Instagram?


How can I turn my followers into customers?


These are just some of the questions you’ll have answered along the way. 

You'll find out what to do each day to leverage all the opportunities to engage, grow & generate income from Instagram.

 Even though Instagram is growing quickly, many accounts lose momentum and fizzle out. If you can avoid the time-wasting mistakes many people make, you are able to stand out and turn your followers into profit.




FFWD Social: Beyond The Grid

Instant access training

Module 1

Setting up the right way for success

Deciding that you want to use Instagram to grow your business, we’ll dive straight into what makes a great account and why they succeed. How are they targeting their audience to be noticed among the rising number of accounts?
We’ll identify who your audience is, make sure your account is set up properly and develop a profile that focuses on getting your audience to take notice. You will feel confident that when someone lands on your profile they will be interested enough to find out more about you, leading them to make a connection.
Module 2

The Feed that gets noticed

The grid is still a very important part of your Instagram account. Knowing what to post, when and how will form the backbone of your account. Today we'll create your content strategy.
Exploring the options of layout styles, formats and filters will give you the edge over many other similar accounts on Instagram.
You can stand out on Instagram and I will show you the options and the apps available to you to produce creative content that saves you time.
Module 3

Copy that converts!

Today is where we’ll explore how to use captions on Instagram to drive interest and engagement.
We'll also create your hashtag strategy to inspire, engage and encourage community.
Module 4

Instagram Stories

Stories have become an important part of any Instagram strategy for very good reason. There are certain features that should always be used to generate fast growth, which need not take much time to implement.
Looking at how to create a story worth watching & engaging with is our focus today. Which features to use, how to drive engagement and using highlights.
Module 5

IGTV & Metrics

IGTV has become an important part of any IG strategy. These lessons will give you the tools and confidence to excel with IGTV, setting you apart from the competition. 
Instagram has lots of valuable information about your followers. Reflecting on your efforts using the right tools and looking at the right insights to improve your results, is important on any social media platform. These lessons will show you what numbers to take notice of, how to record them and how to improve them. Giving you maximum opportunity to grow your account fast. 
Module 6

In-app Instagram ads

Instagram introduced features to enable those unfamiliar with Ads Manager to have success with paid ads. Using paid ads to boost your organic growth really can drive traffic, leads & sales very quickly.
Here is where I give you secrets as an Instagram and FB Ads Strategist in using Instagram ads which get results quickly both on the feed and in Stories. 
The anatomy of a high performing ad
Writing copy that converts
Tools to produce your creatives
Audience targeting
Ad Strategy

Instagram Reels

The algorithm likes Reels – embracing new features gives you a head start on your competitors. Instagram will prioritise your content and serve it to more new people. Learn how to create Reels for business with step by step tutorials and plenty of examples.




I'm Faye, an Instagram & Facebook Ad Strategist with a passion for the 'gram and for helping people get the results they want from social media marketing.

I've worked with businesses as a Social Media Manager. Prior to that I worked as a Post Production Supervisor on films such as 'Star Wars: Rogue One' & 'The Theory of Everything'. 

Here’s what you’re getting when you enrol today:

FFWD Social: Beyond The Grid

  • Immediate access to 6 modules
  • Lifetime access to the training 
  • PLUS bonus module all about using and creating Instagram Reels
Learn how I have generated many leads, traffic and sales for my business

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