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How to master Instagram Ads & produce creatives to stop the scroll

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How to master Instagram Ads and produce creatives to stop the scroll

Get confident and creative with Instagram Ads.

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In this 75-minute session, I’ll teach you how to run high-performing Instagram Ads and get you comfortable using Ads Manager to do so.

Plus, I’ll give you tons of ideas of how to produce creatives that stop the scroll.

What you will learn:

🔑  How to connect your Instagram account the right way with Business Manager. 

🔑 The structure of a winning Instagram Ad.

🔑 Setting up Instagram Stories Ads (Carousel, Experience and Polls).

🔑 Ads for your Instagram Feed (Polls, Carousels and Continuous Carousels, where the image continues over several squares). 

🔑 A Carousel ad template to use in Canva

🔑 Suggestions and tips on the apps I use to make creative content for ads

🔑 Which audiences to leverage using Instagram Ads, with a list of examples that you can use right away. 

I’ll give you plenty of examples of good ad creatives that are working right now. Plus, examples of bad ads that will make you cringe. 

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"My training sessions with Faye covering Facebook & Instagram ads with amazing! I learned so many things I didn't know existed. Faye was so nice and I had the best experience. I would highly recommend Faye's training to anyone trying to grow a following or a business."

Alexis @AnotherDayAnotherCity

"Faye is amazing at what she does and knows every little thing there is to know about Instagram. Faye is hugely generous with her time and fantastic at sharing that knowledge. She always takes time to answer every question and has been a huge support. I would highly recommend anything that Faye has put together as you'll know it will be truly excellent quality."

Steph Harden

Instagram Ads have changed in a BIG Way throughout the last year.

Whether you've seen a recent decline in your stats and you're just not reaching the audience you'd like, or you want to make sure you are fully utilising the features on offer now... I can show you how in 75 minutes. 

So much has changed with Instagram Ads over the last year. It's hard to keep up with what is working. 

Join me to learn how to master running Instagram ads.


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If you’re looking for a friendly, highly-trained expert who’s passionate about accelerating your business growth, then you’ve clicked on the right link.

I specialise in running Instagram & Facebook Ads as well as Messenger bots on behalf of clients to help them grow their online presence quickly.

If you're eager to leverage Instagram Ads then I can't wait to show you how.

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