Learn how to get the most out of Canva to get creative & produce effective graphics video & animation for your social media posts - without wasting hours doing it.

Make infographics & images that will get you more saves & share & therefore more reach.

It's time to stand out and be noticed.

Do you wear many  hats? 


With so much going on, we need to be  EFFICIENT at everything we do, otherwise it takes us away from the important money-making areas of our business.

How much time do you spend on designing graphics? Is it something you love or dread? And are you spending too much time in this area?

We all want social media to be proud of and a clear aesthetic is a big part of that. But it’s one thing to know what you want and another to deliver it; especially if you find yourself saying, ‘I’m just not a designer’.


That’s where Canva comes in.

"Faye's Get Creative with Canva course is brilliant. I was already using Canva, but there was so much more I could do with it that I hadn't discovered on my own. The course is really easy to follow with great practical tips enabling you to create content with a punch! Do this course if you want to get more confident with imagery for social media. At Β£27 you're getting a complete bargain - it's stuffed with value."

Farrah Owens
Spark Plug Marketing

Canva is a fantastic tool, aimed at people who aren’t designers but who want all the designery things for their business or their clients: amazing social posts branded infographics, fun animations, eye-catching videos, scroll-stopping posts, or simply consistent branding.

If you’re wasting time in a Canva hole, I have just the thing for you. My NEW mini-course! I’ve taken all my knowledge and distilled it into short, snappy videos so that you too can use this brilliant design tool as efficiently as possible.

My comprehensive guide, for both new and seasoned Canva users, teaches you:

The Basics

Do I need the Free or Pro version – and what’s the difference?

All the useful shortcuts

How to create a brand kit

Finding colour inspiration

Working with and manipulating photos and text

Creating effects such as colour gradients & drop shadows

Creating infographics

Tips to speed up the design process 

Resizing images for all platforms super quickly

Removing backgrounds (including tips if it doesn’t quite do it as you wish)

Creating your own filters & presets

Ways to organise your designs (which you’ll thank me for when you’re looking to repurpose your content!)

Build your own templates and create efficient content creation systems

I can also teach you how to use more video in your social media. 

We’ll cover:

How to animate a still image

Creating and editing video

Add music to your videos

Moving images will help your posts grab a scroller's attention in the first couple of seconds and help your content standout in a noisy marketplace.

"It's a really, really useful course. Some features I was aware of but hadn't realised how easy to use which will make my life a lot easier. It's got me really excited about creating again."

Jenny Hall
One Voice Marketing
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 Who am I? 

Working with entrepreneurial micro-businesses, personal brands, course makers and coaches over the past 3 years I know a thing or two about what really works when it comes to social media and ads. I also have a big passion for Instagram and Chatbots. 
I am very excited to be giving you the opportunity to learn the how to create content that is efficient but also help you to stand out on social.




It's a fantastic tool, aimed at people who aren't designers but who want all the designery things for their business or their clients: amazing social posts, branded infographics, fun animations, eye-catching videos, scroll stopping posts or simply consistent branding.



There's so much that Canva can do and compared to programmes like Photoshop it's easy to use. That said, there's a lot to learn if you want to level up your visual and get them done quickly and efficiently. Like everything, a business tool is only really useful if it helps you save time and effort. 


Make your business and branding standout on social, save yourself valuable time and upskill in design for just Β£27

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"There are brilliant ideas for creatives for ads which is why I bought the course."


Immediately! You'll get a log in and password within a few moments of paying enabling you to access straight away. 

For as long as you need, lifetime access. 

Yes it will be very useful. I didn't think I was creative until I was encourage to experiment and play. Canva is one of the easiest tools to learn and with a few more tricks up your sleeve thanks to this course, you'll be creating designs like a pro. 

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